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RD and Sustainable Marine Fuels

World Energy’s Renewable Diesel (RD) is a cleaner, more sustainable, and superior performing fuel.   

World Energy’s RD is a 99.9 percent renewable fuel made from renewable inputs, including waste fats, oils, and greases. RD is chemically the same as petroleum diesel and can help reduce emissions by approximately 85 percent.​


At a glance:

  • Better performance, reduced maintenance, cleaner burning, and no odor. 

  • At 100 percent, RD contains no aromatics or impurities, and allows fuel to combust at maximum efficiency. 

  • Decreases the frequency of injector maintenance and diesel particulate filter replacements. 

  • Designed as a drop-in fuel solution for heavy duty trucks and any marine vessel that can operate on #2 diesel fuel.  

  • Can be used in all modern diesel engines.  

  •  California Air Resources Board (CARB)-certified low-carbon fuel.  

  • Meets and exceeds the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D975 on-road and off-road specifications in the U.S. and Europe. 


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