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New Technologies

World Energy is investing in scaled manufacturing, infrastructure, and new technologies to meet market demand and help companies achieve their net-zero commitments. 

World Energy works with leading companies in the hardest-to-abate sectors like aviation, shipping, and steel, to help make their net-zero commitments a reality. We’re pushing the boundaries of today’s technologies while innovating for tomorrow and are investing over $15 billion into major new projects in California, Texas, and Newfoundland. 


​At a glance:

Paramount, California 

  • World Energy’s facility in Paramount, CA, is the first U.S. conversion of a legacy petroleum refinery into a clean energy renewable biorefinery. 

  • The facility is currently producing SAF that can reduce emissions by up to 85 percent and will be one of the world’s first large-scale sources of clean hydrogen. 

  • By 2027, the 65-acre site will be fully converted with the capacity to produce up to 350 million gallons of renewable fuels annually. 

  • In partnership with Air Products, the facility will also produce clean hydrogen for the market in Southern California.  

Houston, Texas 

  • World Energy’s Texas facility is located on the Houston Ship Channel at mile zero of all major U.S. pipelines. 

  • The facility is expected to be online in 2027 with the capacity for up to 250 million gallons of annual SAF production, as well as clean hydrogen. 

Stephenville, Newfoundland, and Labrador 

  • Through our affiliate, World Energy GH2, Project Nujio’qonik will be one of the world’s first large scale wind-to-green-hydrogen projects with production expected to come online later this decade. 

  • Project Njuio’qonik will surpass the highest global standards for emissions and sustainability and is poised to deliver against Europe’s ambitious RePowerEU targets for green hydrogen. 


​World Energy has a history of creating new green-energy markets and pushing innovation, and we’ll continue to look for new opportunities to advance the energy transition.   


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