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World Energy CEO Shares Net-Zero Carbon Strategy During Virtual White House Roundtable on Sustainable Aviation Fuel


– Gene Gebolys Cites Speed, Sustainability, Scale, Innovation, and Markets As Key Pathways to Achieve A Net-Zero Carbon Aviation Sector by 2050  –

BOSTON – SEPTEMBER 9, 2021 – Gene Gebolys, CEO, World Energy, a low-carbon solutions provider for transport, attended the White House Roundtable on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) today with Federal Agencies and aviation sector stakeholders to discuss the Administration’s whole-of-government strategy to achieve a net-zero carbon aviation sector by 2050.

World Energy has been a leader in the commercialization, production, and distribution of low-carbon fuels for more than 20 years and operates the world’s first, and America’s only, commercial-scale SAF production facility empowering leaders like Amazon Air, United, JetBlue, Rolls-Royce, and Boeing, among others to lead the movement to lower carbon transport. Gebolys shared his experiences in developing low-carbon fuels and policy to enable organizations to drive down emissions across the land, air, and sea. Gebolys laid out the policy principles to expand on what World Energy pioneered in Los Angeles and said it came down to five key areas, speed, sustainability, scale, innovation, and carbon markets.

World Energy plans to produce 150 million gallons of SAF per year by 2024 from fats, oils, and greases by hydro-processing. For more information on how fuel providers plan to scale production and on the Virtual White House Roundtable on Sustainable Aviation Fuel session, read the Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Advances the Future of Sustainable Fuels in American Aviation, available here.

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