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Shell, World Energy to Partner on SAF for Lufthansa by Gregory Polek


Shell Aviation and World Energy have agreed to collaborate on developing a scalable supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), the companies announced Tuesday. As part of the collaboration, Shell Aviation and World Energy also said they have initiated the supply of SAF to Lufthansa Group at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The supply will reduce Lufthansa’s carbon emissions on intercontinental flights on three routes operated by Deutsche Lufthansa and Swiss International Air Lines from SFO to Frankfurt, Munich, and Zurich.

According to the partners, the deal represents one of the most significant SAF supply contracts globally, calling for the supply of up to one million gallons of SAF to Lufthansa over the duration of the contract. It marks the largest contracted SAF volume scheduled for delivery to SFO since the airport announced its ambition to expand the use of SAF in its operations last year.

“Alongside new technologies and high-quality carbon credits, sustainable aviation fuel—at scale—has a significant role to play in reducing carbon emissions for the aviation industry,” said Shell Aviation vice president Anna Mascolo. “As well as bringing together the right mix of technical expertise and operational capability, commitments like this one provide a strong example and assurance to the industry that it is possible to fly and emit less.”

World Energy produces the SAF at its refinery in Paramount, California, from a feedstock of agricultural waste fats and oils. The partners blend the low-carbon fuel with conventional jet-A at a ratio of up to 30 percent, resulting in a fuel that contributes significantly to lower lifecycle carbon emissions.

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