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Pearson Fuels, World Energy to Offer E85 Flex Blend


Pearson Fuels will be the first flex fuel distributor to offer E85 blended from renewable naphtha, the companies said today. The new sustainable, low carbon, high octane motor fuel has already become available at participating retail locations, fueling around 200,000 vehicles so far. E85 typically sells at as much as 75ยข/USG less than regular unleaded gasoline.

The partnership will allow the companies to deliver E85 flex fuel containing the highest percentage of renewable components in the US, up to 55pc cleaner than gasoline, the companies said.

World Energy's renewable naphtha, which is eligible to generate credits under California's Low-Carbon Fuel Standard, carries a carbon intensity of 39.75g CO2e/megajoule and can act as a blending component for gasoline. The renewable naphtha is a co-product from the production of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

The company's Paramount refinery produces renewable diesel and renewable naphtha by feeding feedstocks such as animal tallow and vegetable oils into hydro-treating units. The facility processes about 3,000 b/d, which equates to approximately 40mn USG of combined liquid product.

Pearson estimates there are approximately 1.5mn vehicles in California capable of using blends as high as 85pc.

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