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  • Gene Gebolys

    Founder, President, and CEO

    More than twenty years ago, Gene founded World Energy in a time when the social consciousness surrounding alternative fuel sources was starting to grow. A select few embraced the challenge of delivering a new fuel solution to market; one of those leaders was Gene. Since then, Gene has played an instrumental role in establishing a new industry; operationalizing what was once a profound idea into a tangible and accessible solution with immediate and positive environmental impacts. Today, Gene continues to lead World Energy, pushing the boundaries of innovation into new low-carbon fuel markets and collaborating with leaders of change to address the world’s growing energy needs with simple, clean, and renewable solutions. He holds a Master in Public Administration degree from Harvard University and Bachelor of Science degrees in economics and business management from The Ohio State University.

  • Eric D. Batchelder

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    With more than 18-years of strategic M&A and capital markets experience in the energy sector, Eric provides the strategic financial leadership to support World Energy’s growth as it continues to scale its platform and team to meet the ever-increasing demand for low-carbon fuels.

    Before joining World Energy, Eric was the CFO for EnLink Midstream, a publicly-traded midstream energy services company. As part of the executive leadership team, he was responsible for managing the sale of Devon Energy’s controlling interest in EnLink to Global Infrastructure Partners and acquiring EnLink Midstream Partners, LP by EnLink Midstream LLC, and numerous financing transactions.

    In the sequence of order, Eric also spent: five years at RBC Capital Markets as the managing director of Energy Investment Banking; ten years at Goldman Sachs & Co., where he advised companies in the energy sector on mergers and acquisitions, and capital raising activities; and seven years at Arthur Andersen LLP in the tax division.

    Eric is a Certified Public Accountant. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Middlebury College, a Master of Science in Professional Accounting from the University of Hartford, and a Master of Business Administration from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

  • John Zeidler

    Chief Operations Officer

    John has been in the light petroleum products industry for more than 25 years. During his time with leading oil companies, including Andeavor (formerly Tesoro Corp.), Sunoco, and Amerada Hess Corp. John has held vice president roles in marketing strategy and business development  as well as retail, branded, and wholesale operations. John joined the World Energy team in March of 2019 and currently oversees plant operations, engineering, marketing communications, and human resources. John brings both a hands-on and highly-strategic approach to World Energy’s business and product development. John received his Bachelor of Science in finance and marketing from Drexel University.

  • Michael Laznik

    Senior Vice President, Trading and Supply

    Joining in 2007, Michael is one of the original members of the World Energy team and has used his extensive background in finance, trading, business development, and capital management to guide the company from a new entrant in a burgeoning industry, to one of North America’s largest coast-to-coast advanced biofuel supply chains. Michael continues to play lead roles in all aspects of the company’s strategy, trading, and supply functions, and with his deep and historical market knowledge, has become a key resource for the World Energy team and the partners we serve. Michael holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Brandeis University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University. He is a Certified Management Accountant.

  • Scott Lewis

    President, SAF Supply

    Scott understands the importance of a culture and government that values reduction in carbon as currency. His advocacy in the U.S. and Canada for better policies governing the renewable and biofuel market has driven important and positive change for World Energy and the industry as a whole.  

    Today, Scott leads World Energy's Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) supply business, empowering the world’s most dynamic leaders to successfully confront humanity’s greatest challenge by making net-zero real. 

  • Adam Klauber

    Vice President, ESG and Sustainability

    Adam joins World Energy after more than 18 years of experience developing sustainability solutions. At RMI (formerly Rocky Mountain Institute) he co-founded the Sustainable Aviation Buyer’s Alliance (SABA) with the Environmental Defense Fund. He was the chief architect of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel certificate (SAFc) concept, a first-of-its-kind market instrument to address Scope 3 (indirect) emissions in the supply chain. The SAFc project is a collaboration between RMI, the World Economic Forum, and PwC under the Clean Skies for Tomorrow Program with contributions from stakeholders across the air transport value chain.  

    Before RMI Adam headed sustainable aviation for ICF and served as a representative to the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization’s Carbon Working Group. He has served as principal investigator for four National Academies Airport Cooperative Research Program projects on sustainability. Prior to ICF, Adam led the FAA’s high-performance sustainable building team for 80 NextGEN navigation facilities. He began his federal service as a Presidential Management Fellow for the U.S. Department of Transportation Volpe Center. Adam has also consulted for IDEO Inc. designing electric vehicle prototypes.  

    Adam holds a Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Hobart College. 

  • Brendan Marusa

    Vice President, Logistics and Supply

    Brendan joined World Energy in 2006 when the company was transitioning from the business of selling blended-fuels to downstream fleets and government organizations to a global biodiesel trading company. By the end of 2009, the trading business ran its course, and World Energy sought a new and exciting venture as a biomass-based diesel producer. Today, with one of North America’s largest biofuel production and distribution platforms in place, World Energy has come full circle and is bringing a simple low-carbon fuel solution directly to the downstream user. As one of the first members of the executive team, Brendan led the effort to build out the infrastructure to support the business. However, he also had the vision to create a path forward understanding that an innovative business always needs the room to evolve. Brendan continues to manage the backbone of the company, leading logistics, IT, feedstock and chemical purchasing as well as glycerin and fatty acid sales. Brendan’s career history includes several prominent leadership roles, including many years as a second officer piloting oil and chemical tankers as a member of the American Maritime Officer Union. Brendan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Transportation from The Massachusetts Maritime Academy and is a member of the Regiment of Cadets.

  • Susan Purdue

    Vice President, Manufacturing

    Susan Purdue joined World Energy in 2011 and now leads the company’s manufacturing operations. She has more than 20 years of experience in plant management, project development, project management, process engineering, environmental assessment, permitting, safety, and plant startup and operations within the biofuels, pulp and paper, and power industries.

    Prior to joining World Energy, Susan held management and engineering positions at RBF Port Neches, LLC, the United States largest and one of the world’s largest biodiesel facilities. She founded and was CEO of Verencon, LLC, an engineering consulting company focusing on the biofuels, biochemical and biogas industries. She was also executive vice president for engineering and technology at NorthWinds Biodiesel, LLC where she was responsible for the technology selection, process design and engineering of a 30 million gallon/year multi-feedstock biofuel facility.

    Susan has held engineering positions at Careba Power Engineers, LLC, and Parsons Main, Inc.. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pulp and Paper Technology from North Carolina State University.

  • Michael Vigliarolo

    CSP, Director, Safety

    Michael has worked at World Energy's Paramount, Calif. facility for more than five years, starting with the company as the safety manager. During his time with the company, Michael has led several safety initiatives, establishing critical processes and procedures across the organization. Today, Michael fills a crucial role as World Energy's safety director, contributing to the company's leadership team on critical Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) performance. He has enterprise responsibility for developing, implementing, auditing, and managing all safety programs, policies, and procedures. Before joining World Energy, Michael worked for Risk Management Processionals as a process safety engineer. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of California Irvine and the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation.

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