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Making the Shift to Low-Carbon Fuels Simple

For more than 20 years World Energy has been at the forefront of biofuel commercialization, playing critical roles in manufacturing, distribution, market development, and international trade.

Today, World Energy is one of America’s largest suppliers of biodiesel offering over 200 Million gallons (660,660 Metric Tons) of annual biodiesel production.  Our fuels and fuel blends exceed the industry’s most demanding specifications and we offer certified BQ-9000 as well Q-RIN verified products tailored to customer requirements.

World Energy also has one of the industry’s broadest and deepest talent pools of biofuels expertise and knowhow.  Our services team empowers our partners and clients by providing management and advisory services, design and engineering services, and market leading patented production technology.

World Energy has been recognized by The US Department of Energy and Platts among others as a leading force in the effort to bring biofuels into the mainstream of energy supply in the United States and around the World.  Now more than ever, World Energy is putting that knowhow to work, delivering reliable supply and uniquely targeted services.

It’s no secret.  Bringing a new fuel to market isn’t easy. In the last hundred years the world’s vehicles have run on only a few fuels; first gasoline and diesel, then ethanol, and now biomass based diesel. That’s it. World Energy has been at the very forefront of establishing the biomass based diesel industry every step of the way.  Biomass based diesel now contributes nearly 2 billion gallons annually to the American fuel tank and nearly 8 billion gallons worldwide.

In production, distribution, trading, risk management, finance, operations, regulatory compliance, market analysis, systems integration, public advocacy and every other aspect of our industry, World Energy personnel are at the forefront.  Our partners are innovators too bring their own value.  To us, collaboration and partnerships based on shared strengths are the central tenants of building enduring value.

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