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make net-zero real

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Real Net-Zero


To help make net-zero real to those commited to lead.


We aim to be a trustworthy force for good. Passion and curiosity drive us, and we seek to be authentic, collaborative, and transparent. We embrace what connects us and value what makes each of us unique.

Our Strategy

Move fast to scale up the in-sector carbon solutions required by the world’s leading businesses

  1. Empower first movers to take immediate action by making the most impactful solutions available now.
  2. Innovate to responsibly drive-up scale, improve efficacy, and reduce cost.
  3. Attract exceptionally talented people and empower them to do highly meaningful work.
  4. Keep learning.

Breaking Down Barriers

Establishing New Possibilities

Global SAF Supply

The first commercial scale SAF supplier, investing $4B+ to build the largest SAF supply base in LA and Houston with global distribution

Nex Gen Technology

Investing $12B in Atlantic Canada to build one of the biggest Green Hydrogen projects to support the energy transition in Europe

Innovative Partners

Pioneering new technologies, pathways and feedstocks with the most advanced companies to push the frontier of renewable fuels

Sustainability Standards

Engaging with global companies, policy makers, researchers, and NGOs to establish transparent sustainability standards

Our work

Making Net-Zero Real

We are helping corporate leaders reduce emissions from air, ground, marine, and rail transport. QuestZero partners work with us to accelerate the energy transition and production of SAF, renewable fuels, and green hydrogen through our long-term partnerships. Together, we will deliver on the innovation, infrastructure, fuel access, and volumes needed to decarbonize transport.

  • Air Markets

    As the world’s SAF first mover, we are spending $4B to increase scale to over 500M gals by 2025 and have committed to supplying 1B gals by 2030. We’re developing power to liquid technology for imminent deployment and evaluating the latest opportunities in alcohol to jet. We are working with stakeholders to establish effective norms for new scope 1 and scope 3 carbon reduction markets.

  • QuestZero|Aviation

    Our drop-in SAF is certified as compatible with existing jet engines, and our third party verified carbon intensity scores are the strongest in the industry. SAF also is proven to reduce contrail formation, which also lowers the impact of flying on the climate.

  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel Certificate SAFc

    SAFc enables the ownership transfer of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) environmental attributes through the value chain. The SAFc provides evidence of ownership and can cover both the direct emissions benefits (Scope 1) and the indirect emissions benefits (Scope 3) depending on the end customer’s needs. It also provides product information related to sustainability certification and the in-sector carbon emissions reductions associated with a specific volume of SAF.

  • Ground Markets

    For 25 years, we’ve been one of the most trusted names in the supply of low carbon solutions for road transport through the production and distribution of advanced biofuels. Now, our development of California’s first large scale green hydrogen production and distribution hub stands to usher in a new revolution in sustainable transport.

  • QuestZero|Ground

    One hundred percent replacement for conventional fossil diesel with renewable fuel with significant health benefits for neighborhoods near major highways with reduced particulate matter and sulfur emission.

  • Sustainable Ground Fuels Certificate SGFc

    Modeled after the aviation sector application, the SGFc provides the ownership transfer information for Sustainable Ground Fuel in the on-road or stationary power sectors.

  • Marine Markets

    Shipping contributes about three percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on climate change is coming under increasing scrutiny. We are now working with those most committed to moving people and goods more sustainably through the use of fuels that cut carbon by as much as 80 percent.

  • QuestZero|Sea

    One hundred percent drop-in alternative for marine diesel. Our product lowers the carbon intensity of cargo and passenger transport by 80 percent or more.

  • Sustainable Marine Fuels Certificate SMFc

    Modeled after the aviation sector application, the SMFc provides the ownership transfer information for Sustainable Marine Fuel in the shipping sector.

  • Rail Markets

    While the rail network, for both passengers and freight, produces lower GHG emissions than roadway and air transportation, railroads travel through some of the most densely populated areas and are coming under increasing scrutiny to reduce reductions. We empower rail operators to transition from their reliance on diesel fuel and significantly reduce their emissions.

  • QuestZero|Rail

    World Energy supplies rail companies an immediate method to decarbonize their train engine operations as well as generating local air quality benefits.

  • Sustainable Rail Fuels Certificate SRFc

    Modeled after the aviation sector application, the SRFc provides the ownership transfer information for Sustainable Rail Fuel in the railroad sector.

  • New Applications

    The production of green hydrogen, delivered in the form of green ammonia, will allow the global delivery of clean, renewable power at scale for steel providers, chemical manufacturers, electric utilities, and fertilizer manufacturers.

  • Sustainable Hydrogen Fuels Certificate SHFc

    Modeled after the aviation sector application, the SHFc provides the ownership transfer information for Sustainable Hydrogen Fuel in the sectors where it has functional end uses (e.g., green steel).

About us

Pioneering the shift to renewable fuels.

We are now in our 25th year empowering the world’s leading companies to decarbonize transport. We deliver ever-better solutions at an ever-greater scale to efficiently cut, accurately account, and transparently report carbon emissions reductions in operations based in air and on water, rail, and road.


World’s first and North America’s only producer of SAF since 2016

  • Expanding six-fold SAF

    capacity by the first half of 2023

  • Surpassing 500 million gallons

    by 2025

  • Pioneering new technologies

    reaching 1 billion gallons by 2030

Renewable Fuels

SoCal’s only Renewable Diesel producer since 2014

  • Producing renewable fuels

    since 1998

  • Selling 75 million gallons

    a year now

  • Expanding footprint

    through North America


On target to build the first and largest production facility of Green hydrogen by 2025

  • 80,000 tons of green hydrogen

    by 2025

  • 240,000 tons of green hydrogen

    by 2027

Your quest is our mission

Start your journey to net-zero today

Frequently Asked Questions

Achieving “Net-Zero" means negating all the greenhouse gas emissions that are derived from human activities (called anthropogenic activities), as opposed to those from natural sources (without human influences).

Offsetting continues to release carbon into the atmosphere and does not always fulfill its intended purposes. It also has the potential for double-counting and can take 20+ years for a newly planted tree to capture the amount of carbon that the carbon-offset project has forecasted. Insets refer to emission reduction strategies that occur within a business’s own supply chain or industry and are widely recognized as a better solution for emissions reduction.

SAF is a 100 percent sustainable fuel made entirely of renewable resources and contains no fossil-based feedstock. It is not co-processed with fossil fuel in traditional oil refineries, and its carbon attributes comply with all state and U.S. federal regulations for advanced biofuels. Its lifecycle carbon emissions are currently up to 85 percent lower than conventional jet fuel. It is currently approved at a 50/50 blend level with conventional jet fuel for commercial use.

Sustainable fuel environmental attributes delivered as certificates will contribute the greatest emission reductions toward achieving climate goals established by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). As a QuestZero partner, you will drive market-wide acceptance and use of long-term sustainable certificates that will accelerate the energy transition and catalyze the production and use of SAF.