Expertise to collaborate at all stages of the biofuels business

It’s no secret.  Bringing a new on road fuel to market isn’t easy. Nobody does it alone. The world’s vehicles have only ever run on a few fuels; first gasoline and diesel, then ethanol, and now biomass based diesel / biodiesel.  That’s it. Now, nearly 2 billion gallons of biomass based diesel fill the American fuel tank annually with nearly 8 billion gallons consumed worldwide.

Over two decades playing a leading role in establishing a new industry we have learned a thing or two.  Our partners have too.  We now offer our expertise for collaborations at all stages of the biofuels business from sourcing, distribution, engineering, design, build, retrofit, trade, finance, and general management.   We understand that bringing a new fuel to market is not easy. That’s why we believe that teamwork is the best way to leverage our expertise, and yours, to create enduring value. 

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