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World Energy is committed to introducing innovative technologies that increase the efficiency of biodiesel production. Our production technologies have established a new standard that results in high-quality outputs at lower costs.

Shockwave Power Reactor

The power of cavitation comes from its ability to cause intense micro implosions under pressure leading to rapid temperature change (15 degrees F) and micro-droplet formation.  For biodiesel, this means nearly instantaneous reaction times. Through our partnership with Hydro Dynamics, Inc. World Energy has developed a better way to make better biodiesel.  

The ShockWave Power Reactor (SPR) is revolutionizing how biodiesel is being made.  With over 400 million gallons of annual reactor capacity already installed, the SPR is helping biodiesel suppliers meet tightening quality standards while improving costs and increasing capacity.

Utilizing the power of “controlled cavitation” the SPR drives the transesterification process to completion in a matter of seconds, producing biodiesel with a high ester content and an ultra low glycerin profile. This patented technology, which solves critical mixing and heating problems, has been in use in other industrial sectors for over 15 years.  In 2004, we partnered with Hydro Dynamics, Inc., to first put cavitation technology to use to produce biodiesel.  Now, its clear, the SPR can improve quality, increase throughput, and save costs. 

Key Features:

  • Produces biodiesel with high ester content
  • Lower glycerin profile
  • Reduced Monoglycerides to .2% or lower
  • Reduces catalyst use
  • Improves operating costs
  • Field-tested for durability
  • Can run in Batch or Continuous mode
  • Can switch between multiple feedstocks for maximum operational flexibility
  • Small footprint for new or existing facilities

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