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World Energy Statement Regarding Keystone Biofuels, Inc


World Energy learned yesterday that Keystone Biofuels Inc. (KBI) and two of its former executives were indicted for charges relating to the production of off-spec fuel from 2009 to 2012.  World Energy has never been and is not now affiliated with KBI and is in no way connected to the alleged activities or the charges associated with them.  


In late 2014, World Energy acquired all of the physical assets of the defunct KBI. Since acquiring the 40 million gallon plant, located just outside of Harrisburg, PA World Energy invested heavily to make it into a world class facility supplying product at World Energy’s exacting standards for quality.  World Energy re-opened the updated facility in December 2016.  All biodiesel supplied from this facility is tested by a third party BQ9000 certified laboratory prior to delivery and meets all fuel quality specifications.


Ben Wootton, a former KBI executive, was hired by World Energy in 2014.  Ben’s work for World Energy has never and does not now involve any activity relating to fuel certifications.  Ben has made assurances in the strongest possible terms that his actions while at KBI were entirely appropriate and in full compliance with all applicable laws.  His work for us has been exemplary and we stand behind him.

World Energy has been a leader in biofuel supply since the inception of the biodiesel industry fully two decades ago.  Our commitment to fuel quality and RIN integrity has been and continues to be unwavering.  We fully support the efforts of law enforcement to root out impropriety wherever and whenever it surfaces. World Energy is one of America’s largest suppliers of biodiesel offering over 200 Million gallons of annual biodiesel production from four plants in Rome, GA, Houston, TX, Natchez, MS, and Harrisburg, PA.  We offer certified BQ-9000 as well as Q-RIN verified products.   

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