Industry Leadership

Driving Biofuel Progress, Not Just Keeping Up With It

At World Energy, company leadership means industry leadership. Our team strives to drive biofuel progress, not just keep up with it.

  • Gene Gebolys

    Founder, President, CEO

    For two decades now, Mr. Gebolys has championed biodiesel’s development in the U.S. and throughout the world. He founded World Energy in 1998 as the extension of an effort started in 1994.  He built a company that would play a leading role in building an industry.  World Energy has helped foster biodiesel’s growth in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and all regions of the United States and has been among the most enduring and innovative forces in the space. The company has been recognized by Platts as its Global Downstream Company of the Year and by the US Department of Energy as its Stakeholder of the Year. World Energy now offers over 100 million gallons of production capacity from three manufacturing plants as well as targeted managerial and technical services to the biofuels market. 

    Mr. Gebolys was the founding Chairman of the National Biodiesel Political Action Committee and was a founding Commissioner of the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission (BQ-9000).  He was Chair of the National Biodiesel Board’s Regulatory Committee for five years during the establishment of the industry’s most critical public policy supports including the establishment of the Biodiesel Blenders Tax Credit and both Federal Renewable Fuels Standards (RFS1 and RFS2). He now chairs the industry’s RFS2 Task Force as he has since its inception in 2009, leading the US biomass based diesel industries annual policy and advocacy work regarding this bedrock national policy. 

    Prior to founding World Energy, Mr. Gebolys was Vice President for Alternative Fuels for Twin Rivers Technologies Inc, the United States’ first stand-alone biodiesel business. He previously served as a senior economic development official under former Massachusetts Governor William Weld and is a former urban planner.  Mr. Gebolys was once named one of Boston’s 40 most influential leaders under 40 by the Boston Business Journal.

    He holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard University and Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics and Business Management from The Ohio State University.

  • Michael Laznik


    Mr. Laznik joined World Energy in 2007 and since has emerged to lead the company’s finance, trading, risk, and business development functions.  He has played a critical part in the company’s expansion as a large scale manufacturer in the US and continues to play lead roles in all aspects of the company’s strategy, trading, and supply functions. 

    Mr. Laznik was formerly Vice President at Mesirow Financial and subsequently was Director of Corporate Finance at FTI Consulting prior to joining World Energy.  He was a senior consultant for many years advising clients and their stakeholders on matters of strategy, finance, valuation, and capital management.

    He is fluent in Russian and served in Russia as Manager of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development at KMOC, an oil E&P firm.   He was formerly a Senior Economic Analyst at the Economics Resource Group where he focused on regulatory and business strategy matters for energy industry clients.

    Mr. Laznik holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Brandeis University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University.  He is a Certified Management Accountant.

  • Bryan Sherbacow

    Chief Commercial Officer

    In 2009, Mr. Sherbacow co-founded AltAir Fuels for the refining and marketing of low carbon renewable fuels. The Company’s initial facility, located in Paramount, CA, is the world’s first refinery designed to produce renewable jet fuel. Commissioned in January 2016, AltAir Paramount converted a former petroleum refinery to 100% renewable production of jet, diesel, naphtha and propane. Mr. Sherbacow led negotiation of the aviation industry’s first commercial contracts for renewable jet with United Airlines and World Fuel Services as well as the U.S. Department of Defense’s first contract for operational use of renewable diesel fuel. Mr. Sherbacow facilitated the acquisition by World Energy of AltAir and the Paramount refinery assets.


    Mr. Sherbacow brings over 15 years of senior leadership experience in corporate development of industrial process businesses with expertise in organizational development, project development, finance, government relations and environmental matters. Over the past twelve years he has been an active participant in the renewable energy sector as a principal investor, officer and director of biofuel companies as well as a corporate advisor.

    He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Union College.


  • Brendan Marusa

    Vice President, Logistics & Operations

    Mr. Marusa joined World Energy in 2006 and has led the company’s logistics operations on four continents.  He has emerged to lead World Energy’s sourcing, logistics, distribution, and operations as well as its co-product optimization activities. 

    Prior to joining World Energy, Mr. Marusa served as an officer for many years on oil and chemical tankers as a member of the American Maritime Officer Union. He has his Second Mate/1600 ton Captain’s license and his United States Coast Guard Third Mate unlimited ton license. He is a Certified Marine Firefighter, a P.I.C. Tanker man, and has a Tank ship Dangerous Liquids (TDL) certification.

    Mr. Marusa received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Transportation from The Massachusetts Maritime Academy and is a member of the Regiment of Cadets.

  • Scott Lewis

    EVP Commercial Operations & Strategy

    Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations & Strategy

    Scott has been in the biodiesel industry since 2002 when he started with BIOX Corporation. Since that time, he drove the development of many aspects of that Company’s business, particularly focussed on commercial operations, government relations and the building of strategic relationships with suppliers, customers and joint venture partners. 

    Scott was responsible for the Company’s government relations initiatives in both Canada and the U.S. and represents the Company at Renewable Industries Canada in the capacity of Vice-Chair, as well as at the Advanced Biofuels Association and the National Biodiesel Board. 

    Recently, in March 2018, BIOX merged with World Energy which then acquired AltAir, a 45M USG renewable diesel plant located in Paramount, California.  The new World Energy owns and operates a total of 7 biomass-based diesel production facilities located throughout the US & Canada with a total production capacity of approximately 300M USGs (1.1B litres). 

  • Greg Hopkins

    Managing Director, Engineering and Technology Services

    Mr. Hopkins joined World Energy in 2011 and leads the company’s production services business.  He has been an entrepreneur and innovator in chemical and biodiesel manufacturing and distribution for over 30 years. Mr. Hopkins founded US Biofuels in 2003 in Rome, GA and as its CEO built it into one of the country’s early leaders in the production of biodiesel from low cost high Free Fatty Acid feedstocks.  He is credited with many industry firsts including being the first to deploy cavitation reactor technology to biodiesel manufacturing to improve product quality and throughput.  He also served in leadership positions for many years with the National Biodiesel Board’s Governing Board.

    Mr. Hopkins was the founder of Hopkins Chemical Inc., a specialty chemicals manufacturer for the textile and paper industries. Throughout his career Mr. Hopkins has developed and produced new products including cross linkers for cellulose (condensation reactions), various esters, amides and quaternary amines, and proprietary blends. He developed a low temperature, atmospheric pressure method of making high purity biodiesel from 100% free fatty acid as well as a method of using shockwave technology to accelerate transesterification.

    Mr. Hopkins was Division Manager for Dexter Chemical Corporation and previously held management positions at Cranston Print Works, Dan River, Inc. and J.P. Stevens and Co. Inc.  A holder of numerous U.S. and foreign patents, Mr. Hopkins received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Shorter University.

  • Susan Purdue

    Vice President of Manufacturing

    Ms. Purdue joined World Energy in 2011 and now leads the company’s manufacturing operations.  She has over 20 years of experience in plant management, project development, project management, process engineering, environmental assessment, permitting, safety, and plant startup and operations within the biofuels, pulp & paper, and power industries.

    Prior to joining World Energy, Ms. Purdue held management and engineering positions at RBF Port Neches, LLC, the United States largest and one of the world’s largest biodiesel facilities. She founded and was CEO of Verencon, LLC, an engineering consulting company focusing on the biofuels, biochemical and biogas industries. She was also Executive Vice President for Engineering & Technology at NorthWinds Biodiesel, LLC where she was responsible for the technology selection, process design and engineering of a 30 million gallon/year multi-feedstock biofuel facility.

    Ms. Purdue has held engineering positions at Careba Power Engineers, LLC, and Parsons Main, Inc.. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pulp and Paper Technology from North Carolina State University.

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